Patchnotes: Game Client v0.4.0

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.4.0

Post#1 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:30 pm

[New Features]
- Added Favor: Favor is a deck building restriction that limits how many cards of another faction can be put into your deck.
- Refined the draft system:
*** You now draft 60 cards: 36 commons, 18 uncommons and 6 rares.
*** You can now only draft cards from allied factions if you still have enough favor left.
*** Your Main building is now always the same faction as your hero.
*** If you cannot draft a card due to having not enough favor left, that card is rendered with a gray shade.
- Improved the style of filter buttons in the deck editor.
- Unified button styling in the game.
- Players no longer lose the game when they would draw from an empty deck. Instead, at the end of a players turn, that player loses 1 life if his deck is empty. This life loss increases by 1 each time he loses life that way.
- Players should now be able to play multiple matches in a row without restarting the game client in between.
- The unit type line on a card now shrinks automatically when a unit has too much text in order to display all of the unit's subtypes on the card.
- Added support for flavor text on cards. Flavor text is written in another shade below the card's rules text.

[Balance Changes]
- Quality Control: Changed time counters from 5 to 7.
- Light Quarry is now a Science card called Power Plant.
- Removed Oakwood Satyr from the game.
- Removed Oakwood Explorer from the game.
- Moved Treetop Lookout from Uncommon to Common.
- Satyr Awakener has now Ranged.
- Sapling Protector: Changed stats from 2/8/3 to 2/6/4 and improved aura life gain from 1 to 2.
- Supportive Thicket: Reduced radius from 2 to 1.
- Springtide Celebration now only expires when a non-Copy unit is deployed.

[New Cards]
- Tunnel Vision: Rare Science Event, (3), 8 Time Counters, Players that played a card this turn can't move and attack with units. Players that moved or attacked with a unit this turn can't play cards. [Expire] A turn ends.
- Identity Theft: Rare Science Action, (5), Return target unit to its owner's hand. Shuffle a copy of that unit in your deck.

[New Artworks]
- Added artwork for Elemental Force.

- Fixed Outpost having 2 instead of 3 buildrange.
- Fixed multiple game crashed that would occur when a player would lose the game.

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