Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.9

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.9

Post#1 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:30 pm

[New Features]
- Added a new keyword: Mobility (This unit is unaffected by movement taxes and zone of control.).

[Balance Changes]
- Banishing Night is now a Science card called Reverse Time (otherwise remains the same).
- Unweave is now a Science card called Time Slip (otherwise remains the same).

[New Cards]
- Quality Control: Science Common Event, 2, 5 Time Counters, Spells cost 1 more. [Expire] A turn ends.
- Impromptu Barrier: Science Rare Action, 4, Deploy 4 [Steel Fence] copies in your buildrange.
- Dynatech Spymaster: Science Rare Unit - Human, Criminal, 5, 3/6/6, [Trigger] ~ is deployed: Shuffle 2 [Dynatech Spy] copies in each opponent's deck.
- Lullaby: Dream Common Trap, (2), [Trigger] A hostile unit enters: That unit falls asleep.
- Conscript: Divine Common Action, (4), Deploy a [Squire] copy at target hex next to a friendly knight.
- Fateful Weaving: Dream Rare Action, (6), Non-Nox units lose 4 life.
- Short-Circuit: Science Common Action, (3), Charge or discharge target Automaton.
- Masked Infiltrator: Science Rare Unit, Human Criminal, (7), 5/8/4, [Trigger] Masked Infiltrator is deployed: If there are at least 3 friendly active events, Masked Infiltrator gains Ready and Mobility.
- Rewind: Science Rare Action, Return target unit and non-Main building to their owner's hands.

[New Artworks]
- Added artwork for Chapel.
- Added artwork for Camouflage Tank.
- Added artwork for Planting.
- Added artwork for Dynatech Spy.
- Added artwork for Dynatech Spymaster.

- Fixed a bug where not every parameter of an action would be copied properly.
- Fixed the wording on Conscript.
- Fixed the wording on Impromptu Barrier.
- Fixed the wording on Disposable Wheels.
- Fixed the wording on Accelerated Studies.
- Fixed the wording on Oakwood Druid.
- Fixed the wording on Highmage Conjurer.
- Fixed the wording on Training Grounds.
- Fixed the wording on Light of Recurrence.
- Fixed events not being properly assigned to the players announcing them.
- Deployed units and buildings no longer show modified casting costs.
- Drastically improved performance. Small cards show no rules texts for now.

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