Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.6

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.6

Post#1 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:08 pm

[New Features]
- Units that cannot attack in general (due to sleeping, standing in Sandstorm, preparing, ...) now show a "can't attack" info in the rules text.
- Disabled / sleeping units no longer exert zone of control.
- Repositioned the buttons in the deck editor.
- Added filter buttons to the deck editor that allow filtering by card faction and card type.

[New Cards]
- Steelmoor Patrol: Science Common Unit - Automaton, (4), 2/6/3, [Trigger] Steelmoor Patrol is charged: Steelmoor Patrol gains 2 attack. 3: Charge Steelmoor Patrol.
- Mending Dynatron: Science Common Unit - Automaton, (6), 3/8/4, Lightning Damage, [Trigger] Mending Dynatron is charged: Mending Dynatron gains Regeneration 2. 4: Charge Mending Dynatron.
- Tinkergate Chronicler: Science Common Unit - Human Scientist, (3), 1/4/4, [Trigger] Tinkergate Chronicler is deployed: Put 1 time counter on each event.
- Unannounced Investigation: Science Rare Action, (4), Return all traps to their owner's hands.
- Light of Recurrence: Archaeology Uncommon Trap, (2), [Trigger] A friendly non-Hero unit dies: Recur that unit.
- Unforeseen Transmutation: Magecraft Uncommon Action, (4), Target friendly unit gains 2 attack and First Strike, or 2 movement and Ready, or 2 life and Regeneration 2. The choice is random.

[New Artworks]
- Updated artwork for Animated Armor.
- Updated artwork for Highmage Conjurer.
- Updated artwork for Close Wounds.
- Updated artwork for Sheepshift.
- Added artwork for Dig.
- Added artwork for Thidameses I., the Cursed.
- Added small texts for the unit icons in the unit bar.

- Fixed Cranky Crocodile's life and cost being wrong.
- Fixed charge triggers being activated whenever any unit is charged.
- Fixed Thidameses' Mummy Rot ability not being shown in the rules text.
- Fixed Paranoia's rules text not mentioning the restriction to non-Hero units.
- Fixed Explosive Mark and Quicksand not showing a radius on the card.
- Units that gain Ready during a later turn (for example charging a Steel Rover that already moved that turn) no longer refresh their movement when doing so.
- Units that lose life (Parched Ground, Hypnox) now lose max life as well.
- Fixed the menu buttons in the deck editor not scaling with the screen resolution and sometimes not being shown.

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