Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.1

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.1

Post#1 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:05 pm

[New Features]
- The text at the bottom of a card now mentions the faction and the rarity to help players with the vocabulary used in Ira Chartarum.
- Effects that modify damage (like Brimbar's Pyromancy) now show the damage modification on the card's rules text as well as on the cards attack stat.
- Added a damage immunity/resistance system:
* Immunity against an element or physical damage blocks all damage dealt by this type.
* Resistance against an element or physical damage blocks 50% of the incoming damage rounded down.
- The login screen now shows the current client version.
- There is now a visual effect for the Shield mechanic.
- Improved the UI for active events. Events now have an icon for the amount of time counters (same as Hero cooldown for now).
- There is now a info bar that manages all your units:
* The info bar shows all units that are under your control.
* For each unit, its current attack, life and movement values are shown.
* Units that may still attack this turn have a little attack icon.
* Units that are sleeping have a 'Zzz' icon.
* Hovering over a unit icon highlights the field with the unit on it.
* Added small individual icons for each unit.
- Increased camera speed and removed shift button functionality.

[Balance Changes]
- Reworked Perrasa, the Seeker's ability: [Stalk] [Trigger] Perrasa, the Seeker attacks: Draw 1 card.
- Reworked Resting Hyperion's ability: Resting Hyperion is deployed sleeping. [Trigger] A building is shattered: Resting Hyperion wakes up.

[New Cards]
- Brynhild, Slayer of Evil: Divine Hero: (5), 4/8/5, Ready, Shield [Righteousness] Whenever Bryhild, Slayer of Evil kills a unit, draw a card.
- Teslapack Mechanist: Uncommon Science Unit, Human Technician: (2), [Radius 1] 1/4/4, 2, work, work: Charge another non-Charged unit.
- Wrath of Nature: Epic Nature Action: (10) Friendly units gain 3 attack, 3 life, 3 movement and regeneration 3.
- Sandstorm: Uncommon Archaeology Terraform: (4) Units can't attack.
- Thidameses I, the Cursed: Archaeology Hero Unit, Mummy, (5), 4/7/3, [Mummy Rot] [Trigger] Your turn begins: If this unit is not a Mummy, it loses 1 attack and 1 life. [Radius 1] [Trigger] Your turn ends: All units gain Mummy Rot.
- Proclamation of War: Uncommon Divine Event: (3), 5 Time Counter, All damage is increased by 1. [Expire] A unit dies or a building is shattered.
- Springtide Celebration: Epic Nature Event: (1), 7 Time Counter, Units cost 1 less for each unit deployed this turn. [Expire] A unit is deployed.
- Rusted Sentinel: Uncommon Science Unit, Automaton: (5), 4/6/4, Taunt, Range, Lightning damage, Rusted Sentinel can't move unless it is charged.
- Detonate: Rare Archaeology Action: (5) [Radius 1] Detonate deals 4 Fire damage to each unit and building.
- Sun Burst: Epic Archaeology Action: (8) [Radius 2] Sub Burst deals 6 Enegy damage to each unit.
- Rallying Raptor: Rare Archaeology Unit, Dinosaur: (4), 3/2/3, [Aura 2] Units that share a unit type with Rallying Raptor gain 2 attack. [Fuse 6]

- The rules text now places unique hero ability names at the first position, even before activated ability costs (see Vosav, Khevan and Mak).
- Fixed being able to swap a unit with itself when castin Spatial Distortion.
- Fixed various rules text issues.
- Novice Elementalist can no longer shoot himself (in the knee).
- FINALLY fixed the hand card bug, where a card might be stuck in your hand and cannot be played (or other, even worse, side effects could occur).
- Fixed Fuse Bomb not requiring the target to be fused.

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