Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.0

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.3.0

Post#1 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:55 pm

We're advancing to a new major game version with a huge update containing a lot of quality-of-life features and an improved draft mode. The card frame is redesigned and the rules texts on the cards are now more precise about what the card is doing.
Enjoy a draft which the new rarity system where you will, hopefully, get a balanced mix out of all the cards of your faction.

[New Features]
- Removed the hero sounds from the game for now (yes, this is a feature!).
- Drastically reduced card database initialization time from 4 seconds to 70 milliseconds.
- Reverted the type order on the card interface (e.g. Unit Hero becomes Hero Unit and Building Main becomes Main Building).
- Added card rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

- Improved the draft system:
* The draft system now only shows cards of the same rarity.
* You will always draft 4 rares, 10 uncommons and 26 commons.
* You will now always get a 4th card choice which is a card of another allied faction.
* A rare card will be replaced with an Epic card by 15%.

- Various card improvements:
* Completely reworked the card frame.
* The card cost is now rendered bold.
* Special rules text marked in brackets is now rendered bold.
* The rules text now references the card's name whenever appropriate.
* The card now shows the number of time counters for events.
* Added stat boxes and icons for hero cooldown, radius and buildrange.
* Added icons for attack, life and movement values.
* The font size for life and movement is now reduced if the text is too long to fit the box.
* The attack stat box now shows icon for the damage type dealt.
* Terraform cards now show the terraform duration on the card.

- Improved the mulligan scene:
* Repositioned the cards.
* Increased card size by 50% to improve readability.
* Restyled the submit button and repositioned it.
* Added info messages that explain the mulligan process.

- The card's rules text now explains Sprout, Fuse and Shadowstep (for now, until there is tooltip support).
- Sleeping units how have a sleep symbol positioned on top of them.
- Improved the terraform overlay rendering.
- When using the fuse ability, the UI now only suggests valid hexes.

[Balance Changes]
- Wispy Shadow: increased life from 2 to 3.
- Nimble Shadow: increased life from 3 to 4.
- Vast Shadow: increased life from 4 to 5.
- Virtuous Weaver: increased life from 6 to 8.
- Umbra, Mother of Darkness: increased life from 6 to 7.
- Vosav, Weaver of Secrets: increased life from 5 to 6.
- Hypnox, Devourer of Dreams: increased life from 8 to 9.

[New Cards]
- Public Announcement: Science Action, (2), Draw two events.
- Deep Wood Incarnation: Rare Nature Unit - Elemental, (5), 0/0/5, As ~ is deployed, it gains life equal to the number of friendly Treants and attack equal to half that number rounded down.
- Slay the Monstrous: Uncommon Divine Action - (4), Destroy target non-Hero, non-Human unit.
- Matyrdom: Uncommon Divine Action - (1), Destroy target non-Hero unit. Its controller draws two cards.

[New Artworks]
- Added artwork for Holy Strike.
- Added artwork for Frenzied T-Rex.

- Fixed a lot of resolution problems with font rendering.
- Fixed Umbra triggering only for Child of Nights and not for Shadows in general.
- Fixed/unified rules text wordings on a lot of cards.
- Fixed card copies appearing in draft and deck building.
- Fixed being able to remove cards from the draft by clicking them.
- Fixed dummy cards in dummy piles being all the same instead of separate object instances.
- Fixed replacing a card not keeping the same object id.
- Fixed bold font rendering not working as intended.
- Fixed the UI showing all hexes as valid when deploying a shadowstep unit.
- Fixed Magic Missile and Fireball not mentioning that they can target buildings.
- Fixed Chain Lightning not mentioning multiple targets.
- Fixed not being able to play Heroes that have been returned to a player's hand.
- Fixed draw spells crashing the game if you do not have enough matching cards in your deck.

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