Patchnotes: Game Client v0.2.4

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.2.4

Post#1 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:26 pm

[New Features]
- Added a draft mode: Players chose one of three heroes and one of three main buildings, then chose 40 times one of three cards of their faction.
- Added a new matchmaking queue exclusively for draft decks.
- Players can no longer queue for a game with an invalid deck.

[New Cards]
- Steel Rover (Science Unit - Automaton, (6), 5/7/4, [Trigger] Steel Rover is charged. [Effect] Steel Rover gains Ready and Shield. 4: Charge Steel Rover.)
- Camouflage Tank (Science Unit - Automaton, (6), 6/9/3, Camouflage Tank cannot attack and can't be attacked if it is charged.)
- Frederic, Master Crafter (Divine Hero Unit - Human, Techician, (1), 1/4/3, [Craftmanship] Your building cards cost 1 less. Your opponent's building cards cost 1 more.)

- Fixed Scientific Exposition not showing its expire condition.
- Fixed 'Unmake' not working.
- Fixed a game crash when there is no deck list file.

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