Patchnotes: Game Client v0.1.4

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.1.4

Post#1 » Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:35 pm

[Balance Changes]
- Reduced Frenzied T-Rex's stats from 8/8/4 to 6/8/4.
- Rebalanced Shadowstep: you may now place Shadowstep units next to other friendly Shadow units and not next to opponents.
- Reduced Infuse Life life gain from 6 to 4.

[New cards]
- Added Quicksand (Archaeology Trap, (5), Radius 1, When a hostile unit enters, obliterate that unit (it is removed from the game entirely).).
- Added Lurking Antlion (Archaeology Unit - Insect, (2), 4/4/0).
- Added Sand Robber (Archaeology Unit - Human, Criminal, (4), 4/7/4).
- Added Giant Duneworm (Archaeology Unit - Worm, (7), 6/12/4).
- Added Weird Solarist (Archaeology Unit - Human, Scientist, (3), 2/4/3, When this unit is fused, draw a card.).
- Added Profane Scavenger (Archaeology Unit - Ghoul, (6), 0/0/4, As this unit is deployed, it gains attack and life equal to the number of unit cards in your graveyard.).
- Added Sheepshift (Magecraft Action, (4), Transform a hostile non-Hero unit into a Sheep.).
- Added Fuse Bomb (Archaeology Action, (5), Destroy a friendly unit, then deal fire damage equal to its attack to all adjacent units and buildings.).

[New Features]
- Added a sidebar to the right that shows all played cards and all triggered traps.
- Added artwork for Tomb Raider.
- Added artwork for Symbiotic Sandworm.
- Added artwork for Nak-Nak, the Chosen One.
- Added artwork for Spitting Snake.
- Added artwork for Nasty Roots.
- Added artwork for Hidden Ambush.
- Added artwork for Paranoia.
- Added artwork for Light Mine.
- Added artwork for Baneful Omen.
- Added artwork for Wispy Shadow.
- Added artwork for Enervation Field.
- Added artwork for Vast Shadow.
- Added artwork for Moment of Silence.
- Added artwork for Unaided Maid.
- There is now a short break when a unit enters a field trap to show the player that he triggered a trap.
- The terraform information overlay now shows the controller of the terraform effect.
- The player order on the left now updates each turn showing the active player on the top. The player's frames are now colored in the player's respective colors.

- Fixed Village People's cost being 1 instead of 3.
- Fixed an out-of-sync bug caused by the AI playing too fast. The AI now waits half a second between each action it performs.
- Fixed attack animation being off.
- Fixed a rare out-of-sync bug when a card is played.

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