Patchnotes: Game Client v0.5.1

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Patchnotes: Game Client v0.5.1

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[New Features]
- Improved the event rules text by explaining what Expire does in a short reminder text.

[Balance Changes]
- Changed the Automaton subtype to Robot.
- Removed the Charge mechanic and all cards related to that mechanic.
- There is now a new Charge mechanic that transform Robots (into other Robots) when they have gathered enough charges.
- Fatigue damage to the Main building (when your deck is empty) now deals damage instead of reducing max life.

[New Cards]
- Added Steelmoor Patrol: Science Common Unit - Robot, Dynabot - 1/6/4, (4), 2 Favor, [Charge 2] Your turn ends. Remove 4 Charges: Transform Steelmoor Patrol into Steelmoor Soldier. [Unit - Robot, Dynatron, (6), 4/6/4]

[New Artworks]
- Added artwork for Calm Camel.

- Fixed AI only having 7 cards in its deck.
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